About M.V. & T.A.

Mia Valentine is ordinarily a really cheerful, happy, bubbly person full of love and life.  But she can also be a soft, quiet deep soul who loves to read, write stories, take photos of clouds, and paint pretty flowers.  (Mia’s big dream is to become a late night talk show host, hence the current YouTube video activity being built up.)

While Teresa Alexandra is a hard core romantic and rebel who wears her heart on her sleeve; cares deeply about the state of the world; and almost can’t live without her dark bold sunglasses, or her blush pink polaroid camera and her black permanent markers. (And her dream and current focus is to help ensure our country picks the right president next election.)

The two are actually one and the same.  The yin and yang of one creative being who wears many, many different hats.

Most people have many different sides and colors to them, and often times the inability to reach full happiness and fulfilment is the challenge to not only express one’s different sides and colors but to be surrounded only by people who truly appreciate, acknowledge, and welcome the complexities and mysteries of every person.

The world is full of imperfect people.  We’re all imperfect.  Nolite te bastardes carborundorum.