A Time Out Love New York Award Winner

A Time Out Love New York Award Winner

Thank you so much for everybody who believed their vote could help us win the 2014 Time Out Love New York Award for best store in the Flatiron / Gramercy / Union Square area.

#ToLoveNY  #SaveNYC

#ToLoveNY #SaveNYC

In the beginning we were just honored to be a finalist with ABC Home, Dover Street Market, and Fishy’s Eddy.  And now we’re very excited being a winner because it should help us get the attention of other publications who have not yet done a story on Amé Amé.  And after word of mouth, story features about the store are the best way for people to become aware of the store and the special products we curate for our patrons.  So if you do know of people who write about cool stores and cool products please tell them about Amé Amé and or invite them to our many store events.




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