A Forecast of 80 Google Employees!

A Forecast of 80 Google Employees!

We’re so excited that next week we have two special private nights at Ame Ame for Google employees as part of a special collaboration between Manhattan Sideways and Google.

Manhattan Sideways has been a fan of Ame Ame since the very early days when we were starting out on 9th street and just known for rain gear and candy. And we greatly appreciate their continued efforts to champion and bring awareness to local businesses.


Of course we’re excited to razzle dazzle the google folks with the technology behind our umbrellas, like the Davek Solo or Davek Elite and the Blunt XS and Blunt Golf umbrella.

And to delight them with the taste of Ame Ame’s chocolates and sour gummies.

But we’re also excited to show them all the many new lines of products and brands that have joined the Ame Ame family of quality goods over the past 12 months such as Kameleon (jewelry one builds) and WeWood Watches (for the man who still appreciates analog at certain times)

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