A Fight For Quality Umbrellas

A Fight For Quality Umbrellas

New Yorkers like to blame the wind for breaking their umbrellas, but the reason why most New Yorkers end up with broken umbrellas is because they bought a low quality umbrella.

Street corner umbrellas are the worse, but the truth is most of the umbrellas you buy at some of your favorite stores aren’t much better.  Somebody convinced your favorite brand that they were buying a “quality” umbrella to slap their logo and fancy price tag on to but in reality that umbrella probably isn’t much better than the one you’d buy from Duane Reade.

At Amé Amé we do our best to select only the best umbrellas.  And if we end up discovering that an umbrella is having a shorter lifetime than we think is acceptable we’ll discontinue carrying the umbrella no matter if the company provides a “lifetime guarantee” or if the company comes out with the coolest looking design.  Or at the very least we’ll tell you if there’s a better alternative we highly recommend you invest into.

Think about it.  Most people in New York are buying disposable umbrellas instead of taking some time to do some research or have the assistance of an expert at Ame Ame help them  find an umbrella they can have for years.

Consequently our landfils are being excessively filled with broken umbrellas that are partially made from such natural resources as steel or aluminum.



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