3 New Year Gift Ideas

3 New Year Gift Ideas

Happy New Year!

Like most people I generally think there’s never enough time in a day or days in a week, however generally I think there’s just enough days and months in a year.  Enough time to try new things, achieve new resolutions, and start new traditions.

And this year I hope to write a lot about starting new traditions and brushing the dust off old traditions.

Why?  Because traditions are part of the most important ingredients to fantastic celebrations.

A few years back I started a tradition for myself, which is buying an expensive bar of soap for the start of the new year.  Typically I’d buy a $16 bar of soap from Fresh.  The packaging is gorgeous and the scents oh so yummy without being too strong.

(If you love the packaging of Mast Brother’s chocolates then you’ll totally love the  packaging of Fresh soap.  And I really am not one for over perfumed scents).

Why expensive soap?  Because soap can be one of the most mundane things but for most of us it’s one of the first things we use at the start of every day.   So starting the year with some amazing soap reminds you that you’re amazing and that you should take care of yourself.

And of course there’s the whole symbolic aspect of cleaning of any residue of negative attitudes, habits and memories you don’t want to come into the new year.

So does Amé Amé now have amazing soap for you to buy? Not yet.  But we are about to get some amazing shampoo for men from Portland General Store.

Instead, right now I want to suggest you start the new year by treating yourself to amazing toothpaste and warm, cozy socks that aren’t your ordinary trouser socks.

Theodent Toothpaste is one of the creme-de-la-creme’s of toothpaste. 

And being that one of Thoedent’s powerful special ingredients is an enzyme from chocolate (that strengthens teeth enamel and naturally whitens teeth), the “chocolate” toothpaste with a fresh minty taste fits right into Amé Amé.

Furthermore, with packaging fit for a French King, every morning you use Theodent toothpaste you’ll be reminded how golden you are.  Thus making it a wonderful treat to yourself to start the New Year.

And now that its original price of $15.99 has been brought down to  $9.99, all you need to do is skip one of your teeth staining lattes, and you’ll have a wonderful upgrade from your ordinary toothpaste.

Theodent Tooth Paste.  The grownup version has a minty taste was 110% backup.

Theodent Tooth Paste. The grownup version has a minty taste was 110% backup.



From teeth to feet. 

It’s freezing cold in New York City.  And wherever you live, if you’re an Ame Ame person, you surely get on cold airplanes every now and then.  So you certainly deserve at least one pair of truly cozy, soft, luxurious socks.  And what better time of year to get a new pair then in January when winter really starts to kick in.

Lots of reason why we think our made in the USA socks will knock off your other socks, but the best way to really understand is to try them out yourself.

And as our New Year Gift to you, you’ll get a couple of ways to get yourself an amazing pair of cashmere merino socks that are made in the USA and normally $28-33 a pair.

Shop online, and if you buy 3 pairs of socks we’ll include a free “Black Essential” pair.  Also shop online, and if you buy three tubes of Theodent toothpaste, you’ll get a pair of “black essential” cable knit socks.

Or if you come in store and buy a gift certificate for somebody.  You’ll then get a pair too.




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