Visiting Artist, Soy Este At Ame Ame All May

Visiting Artist, Soy Este At Ame Ame All May

A new art installation is coming soon to Amé Amé.

“Swatch Roller” will display twelve Soy Este wallpaper patterns @ Amé Amé boutique beginning April 30. The lush designs will revolve on an endless loop via a 12’ x 3’ motorized roll hanging from the ceiling. This will be the premiere appearance of the Soy Este Swatch Roller.

Soy Este, the independent design company of Este Lewis, creates a frisson in conceptual art. As an artist who finds her objects of inspiration primarily in supermarket aisles, grocery shelves and the more dimly lit passages of dollar stores, Lewis is a gleaner, sorter and articulator of our modern, mass-produced universe. Item after item, her art awakens the most mundane of checkout purchases and repurpose them into abstract pattern. Lewis gives voice to the elegance of toilet paper and napkins, crackers and gum, fuses and foil… not as an advertiser might, but as an artist should–with humor. For Lewis, every stick of chewing gum has a different face. Each contains its own character, handwriting, and (lovely) human flaws.

Lewis’s wallpaper art has been featured in many magazines that include House Beautiful, Time Out, New York Magazine (“Best Bets”), Details Magazine, and The Food Network Magazine. Internationally, her work has appeared in Grazia Magazine Middle East and Canada’s The Globe and Mail. Lewis graduated from the Yale School of Art with an MFA in Graphic Design and currently lives in New York.

Swatch Roller will premiere at 7 pm at Amé Amé; 17 29th street (between 5th & Broadway). Soy Este will be pouring a refreshing rosé as we dance to Hortense Ellis, Jennifer Lara and other women reggae artists and celebrate all seasons, but especially, a budding New York spring.

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