Top 5 Restaurants to try While in NYC for the Weekend

Top 5 Restaurants to try While in NYC for the Weekend

When people from out of town come into Ame Ame, we love to suggest where to enjoy dinner or brunch.  Because after a cheapo umbrella, an unpleasant restaurant experiences is one of the worse

So now we finally share the different places we often suggest to visitors.

1)  NGAM – 99 3rd Ave. / 13th Street.  (East Village,  near 3rd Ave. L stop)

Most people these days  love Thai Food but NGAM offers” Modern Thai Comfort Food” that provides a unique, delicious experience and a lively, “hip” ambiance that is most likely to be nothing like you’ve ever had before at a Thai restaurant, unless you’ve traveled  in recent years to Bangkok.

And there’s a bonus for people who love to enjoy delicious, unique burgers.


2)  ABC Kitchen 35 East 18th Street / Broadway (Union Square)

Consistently delicious whether for brunch, a pre-fixe lunch, or dinner, ABC Kitchen,  is a restaurant well worth splurging on for a fancy farm to table experience and menu guided by Michelin star Chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten.



3)  Dinosaur BBQ 700 W 125th Street

For those who have come from other countries, or maybe even different parts of the US where BBQ isn’t quite as prevalent, do venture to  Harlem to enjoy Dinosaur BBQ.


4)  Viselka 144 2nd Ave / 9th Street

What’s a list of recommendations for out of town visitors without a 24 hour diner?   And so we recommend the famous Ukrainian diner that’s been serving borscht and pirogues since 1954….and if you’re in the mood for more standard American food, they serve the likes of burgers and their signature sandwiches can certainly impress.



5)  Anything The Foodie Magician or Lady of Grand Suggest.

Check out their websites or their instagrams, and you’ll instantly trust them.

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