Single People Really Should Buy An Umbrella Today

Single People Really Should Buy An Umbrella Today

Valentines should not be a day about couples.  Valentines should be a day about love, including loving one’s self.

If you are single today on Valentines, then  make this the weekend you love yourself by buying really fabulous umbrella.

Why an umbrella and nothing else?


Because when it rains it’s usually just about you and your umbrella, and if you buy an umbrella this weekend from Ame Ame, one that makes you smile, then I promise you your umbrella will always remind you to shower yourself with love.

And we can’t really have love from others until we fully love ourselves.



Want the red umbrella?  Or a windproof blue Blunt  umbrella.  Then check out the shopify store we’re building.

Wondering about the boots I’m wearing?  They’re the Aigle Chantabelle “boyfriend” boots.

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