Revive Once Soaked Converse Chuck Taylors

Revive Once Soaked Converse Chuck Taylors

One reason I tell the women and men of New York, or people who travel a lot, that they really should have a fabulous pair of rubber shoes like Melissa’s or ankle height rubber chelsea jodhpurs by Aigle is that there’s no point to ruining your lovely $30 – $45 Converse Chucks (or Tom’s shoes) when there’s a chance of rain.   All it takes is one downpour and your  awesome kicks get ruined.


However if you have made the mistake, make an appointment at Ame Ame for artist Frankie Padron to turn your  old pair into something fun for those summer occasions when you’re probably going to get a little sweaty and dirty.

This Monday Frankie will be finishing a mural on Amé Amé’s window and during breaks she’ll be giving people’s sneakers a makeover.  Plus she’ll be back again soon (likely on Saturdays or Wednesday evenings)

First 10 people will get their shoes done for free.  Otherwise there’s almost nothing better to spend $10 on than to have Frankie Padron give some TLC to those  Converse Chuck Taylors you’ve been thinking about finally chucking.


Checkout on Instagram  @FrankeFrecklez @AmeAmeNYC  and #AmeAme to see the fun happening.  (PS Frankie is unbelievably adorable and cool! )










And she’ll take breaks to turn your shoes into pieces of art. First 10 people get their shoes done for free and then we’re doing a special of $10 a pair

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