Replace those Bean Boots for Aigle Boots this Spring

Replace those Bean Boots for Aigle Boots this Spring

Guys, Bean boots fare well enough in the rain—but you have to admit, they sure can leave you wanting for more in their style and versatility.

Stylish and ready for the rain—Aigle boots are perfect for the gentleman who’s always well dressed.

Smart fashionable guys know better than to limit themselves to just one option. That’s why they’re replacing their Bean boots this year and trading them up for Aigle boots.

Austin, for instance, smartly came in to Amé Amé last week on a sunny day and did just that; he replaced his old Bean boots for a fresh pair of Aigles that actually compliment his dapper look.

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Austin was so stylish! He gave us a few photos just before picking out his new Aigle boots.

Debating which was his favorite color boot—black or rich chocolate brown—was a tough call to make. In the end, he chose the rich chocolate brown Aiglentine.



Aigle, a leader in rubber boots, have been handcrafting their footwear in France since 1853. Amé Amé now has a wide selection of colors and styles of Aigle boots to choose from — available for purchase in store and Ame Ame’s online store

Spring showers are coming any day now. Come in and pick up a pair!

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