Lingerie & Stationery – All January

Lingerie & Stationery – All January

What better way to enjoy the mood of January than to treat yourself to a piece of silky lingerie and to write cards to friends you didn’t send Winter Holiday cards to.

Or if you really want to be ahead of the game, why not use January to pre-write all birthday cards.  After all it’s better to pre-write than to not send a card because you ran out of time.

During the month of January, 2015, all Frances Smily Lingerie will be 40% off.  And all single greeting cards will be 6 for $20 when you buy 6 different cards.

Frances Smily lingerie is wonderful for many reasons    The flirty, romantic camisoles can be worn as sexy tank tops with a cardigan and we highly recommend wearing the sheer silk kimonos first as ready to wear before using them as lounge wear.  And the tap pants panties will make rainy days your favorite days.  But of course there’s no point to waiting for a rainy day to wear them, spoil yourself all winter long with silk!







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