Hot Things Not on Sale

Hot Things Not on Sale

While some sales start by showing you some amazing cool things that are going to be on sale.

We’re going to show you things that aren’t ever likely to be on sale because they’re so fabulous and we only have limited stock for people needing these things in a pinch

We have people coming from all over the world to buy their travel and weather gear needs.  And as such we stay stocked of these things when other stores have cleared out their inventory.


By the way, if you do find anything somewhere else for a different price, we’ll offer you a gift  card equal to the value of the difference so that you can come back to shop from us in the future.  This way we know we’re giving deals to people who care about helping us stay in business long term.  Remember we’re not Nordrstrom or Anthropologie or Amazon.  They might be able to give you big sales and Deals, but do they give you the big care and attention that we do?    We sure we hope we offer a special selection of goods, knowledgeable customer services, and a shopping experience worth the full prices you pay.

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