Start Now With What You Have
And Don’t Stop
You Are Ready to Start 

For those who know the drill, venmo $20 per heart and soul  tag  to Elvis@PinkBarbedWire.com and note the PBW # of the heart and soul tag(s) you want.

It’s  $60 per special set which includes two spirit tags and a prayer wheel that I travelled all the way to Nepal for.

Or if you want a silver prayer wheel instead of a brass prayer wheel, then the coat is $80.
Order two or more key rings, and each spirit tag and key ring  set gets complimentary gift wrapping in one of our sexy one of kind boxes.

For those in NYC, a separate Venmo bill will be sent for the sales tax amount due before shipping.

Don’t worry, if math is not so much your thing, then just email Elvis and tell him what spirit tags you’d like printed. He’ll then confirm your total.
All tags will be brass alloy and look  similar to the one below.

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