Forget Normal, I Want Magic

Forget Normal, I Want Magic

I am guessing the explosive yarn trend that has happened because of COVID will die down relatively quickly, but even if it does I’m still likely to be in love with crocheted and knitted things. And I’m not going to lie, there are times when I want a borderline tacky looking knitted or crocheted blanket.

Most likely it’s related to nostalgia…

Yet, it is not so much that I ever had a particularly positive experience with crocheted or knitted blankets when I was a child or teenager. For the most part I thought of any such blankets I knew of in my own childhood were pretty ugly and gross feeling. However, they were so prevalent in households when I was growing up that when I see the one’s of today they give me a warm cozy feeling of “better days” and “better times.” And that’s probably exactly why I want one. Because I feel like if I had one, I could then wrap myself in one and teleport myself back in time or at least pretend or feel like I’ve gone back in time.

And here’s one such blanket / afghan that I would love to own if I could afford too.

Not only do I love the many different colorful squares; with the black borders, and the color pallet, this blanket on Etsy for $270 not only gives me a great nostalgic feel. It also reminds me of those color calibration cards – that are also pretty retro even though they’re still sometimes used today. (Please tell me you know what I mean).

Don’t you love the random little “odd” squares that are a mixture of pink, baby blue, and white? They give a true feeling of homemade / handmade and a real sense that the blanket was indeed made from scrap yarn, and you know how much I love it when people upcycle or minimize material waste.
“Scrap yarn afghan crocheted stained glass-style granny square lap throw multicolored warm winter blanket coverlet home decor washable” $270 with free shipping. Scrap Yarn Afghan Crocheted Stained Glass-style Granny Square – Etsy
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