Duke Cannon Brick Soaps Are A Must for Men

Duke Cannon Brick Soaps Are A Must for Men

Inspired by the big “brick” style soap employed by a full generation of US Military men from the Korean War and 20 years onward and produced by the same trusted manufacture, this hearty collection of personal soaps from Duke Cannon delivers a forthright, steadfast performance the rest of rugged mankind have long awaited.

Scented sensibly for adult men who wish to smell like adult men, the Big Ass Brick of Soap guarantees a bare and thorough clean — unmasked by flowery perfume — that’s been rated #1 by many and praised for its cleansing prowess by men’s style publications including Maxim, Men’s Health Magazine, and Valet as a “magnet for impurities within your skin.”

Generously proportioned, at about three times the size of ordinary bar soaps, Duke Cannon’s Big Brick soaps feature a unique ridged surface designed for easy grip and comfort with the quality and value of a bygone era, accommodating even the most rigorous personal hygiene routines. In the tradition of hard work and service, at $10 a bar Duke Cannon is perfect for the working-man and the man who loves trying new things.

Find Duke Cannon’s products in our NYC store or buy from us online:

*Featured image from the Jim Heimann Collection, selected by photographer Michael Stokes for My Buddy, World War II Laid Bare (Taschen, 2014), edited by Dian Hanson. Product additions by Tony D. White

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