Boys’ Night Out At Amé Amé—HG Beard Oil Launch

Boys’ Night Out At Amé Amé—HG Beard Oil Launch

Last Thursday, Amé Amé was packed fulled of excitement and male energy as we opened up the store to New York City’s most well groomed bearded men to a night of celebration at official launch of HG Beard Oil. Founder Hubert Guy lead the evening in mixing and mingling with attendees and also conducted, as promised, a competitive gift giveaway for the owners of the best beards!


Herbert announces prize winners while holding a coveted bottle of HG Beard Oil. “Behold!”

The guys from the awesome men’s apparel line The New Standard Edition, Kieran and Evan, were also with us for the event. They were perhaps the most prepared for Hubert’s competition for best beard—sporting their awesome manly beards.


HG Beard Oil founder Hubert Guy with family pose with Kieran and Evan from The New Standard Edition.

We had so much fun mixing with all the guys, and look forward to hosting more boy’s nights out at Amé Amé. Congratulations to Hubert on the successful launch and special thanks to Sapporo Brewery and Pabst Blue Ribbon for sponsoring the event.

You can purchase HG Beard Oil at Amé Amé in time for Father’s Day from our collection of men personal grooming products from brands including soaps and shaving creams from Duke Cannon and dopp kitts from Owen and Fred.


*Photography by Tony D White



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