Ben’s Cookies Finally Comes to NYC

I have been waiting perhaps 15 years for this to happen and Ben’s Cookies is exactly why I didn’t want to sell cookies when I was thinking about doing a cafe at Ame Ame. Because if I couldn’t do them as well as Ben’s, I would be utterly disappointed and Ben’s just did it so perfectly and simply right… I even had a conversation with a super nice girl who was visiting from Korea who asked me if I would sell cookies and then she mentioned Ben’s.  So we then bonded even further.

I sure hope their US location is as good as the one in Oxford…though I have to say none might be as good as the one in Oxford because I didn’t love the cookie or experience I had in London as much.  Oh well, if they’re not as good, then that’s good news for my waist line :)  #alwaysfindthesilverlinig

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